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Artbee - Conservation et restauration d'oeuvre d'artWe provide conservation and restoration services for easel paintings, icons, and paper objects.

We offer both conservation and restoration treatments. Conservation work aims at maintaining and stabilizing a work of art and preventing future deterioration. Restoration work is carried out to restore the aesthetic value of the objects of art.

The procedures used are carefully adapted to suit the specific needs and sensitivities of each object. The materials chosen for the different treatments are chosen for their stability and reversibility.

  • Documentation on the work that was carried out.
  • Art historical research.
  • Scientific research and analysis.
  • Advising on storage, transport and display conditions.
  • Price estimate on required restoration work in situ.
  • Restoration work in situ if required.
  • Reports for insurance companies.

We provide our services everywhere in Europe.
All documentation and research services can be provided in English, French, or German.